"I don't want to hurt your ribs." He stands giving me the chance to back out.
"You won't, promise." I smile seductively as I climb to the center of his king sized bed and watch as the candlelight caresses his lightly tanned skin as he undresses.
He slides his hand softly, slowly down my torso making me suck in my breath sharply. I had never before been touched quite like this. I reach out and trail my hands down his chest.
“I get to touch you, too.” I sit up and kiss each of his shoulders in turn, before pushing him down onto the soft comforter gracing his bed. “And kiss you.” I kiss his nipple and run my tongue over it several times. He makes a primal growl low in his throat as I take in his other nipple. Slowly I lick my way down the channel between his hard pecs all the way to his sculpted abs. “It doesn’t hurt at all.”

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