Trees whipped in the wind, obscuring her ability to see. Something was following her, she could feel it staring at her; however, when she turned, there was nothing in sight but the wildly thrashing branches. Nevertheless, she could feel it’s gaze boring into her back. It was getting closer, snapping small twigs barely audible over the howling wind. Krizi had less than perfect eyesight, necessitating contact lenses and was partially deaf in her left ear. The drowning sound of the leaves blowing kept her from hearing much else. Her olfactories, however, were in prime condition. At times she could pick up scents from blocks away and she could smell something behind her, like clay and death, dirt and moss. However, as hard as she tried, she could not see anything. She turned her back to what was behind her, attempting to find her way into a clearing when she heard a gargled yell at her back…

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Acquittal. The Revenant Series: Book One (Amazon)

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