Micaela's Story

Things didn't get better between Martin and I, in fact, they got worse. I still have trouble with my shoulder because of repeated punches and once had a bruise from my hip to my knee when he wailed on me while I was driving. Of course, I covered these from my parents' eyes. These weren't the only incidents, just the worst of them. In front of his family at Christmas, he asked me to marry him. I said yes. Realization finally hit me when we were getting the required pre-marriage counseling at the local Catholic church. We were put in separate rooms to fill out a questionnaire. It asked are you afraid of your spouse-to-be? I sat there, the words eventually blurring into puddles of black ink on the paper. Yes, I was afraid of him. I marked no. However, that put the bug in my ear so to speak. I couldn't get that question and answer out of my head. Eventually, I left him for my first husband Ben.

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