Years of a Dream, In Silence

-An Awareness Anthology
Twenty-three Years: Follow Micaela, an adopted Latina, through her years of bullying in school for being different from those around her, to continuing the cycle of abuse with several relationships starting in high school and into her adult years. Get a glimpse into WHY people stay in abusive relationships, including the shame and embarrasment of failing, the helplessness, the need to fit in and others. See how she finally realizes that it isn't right and her determination to ultimately leave that part of her life behind. (Previously released, and still available, as a stand-alone novelette)

Dream Sweetly, Girl: Suicide doesn't just *happen*. Usually, a person endures YEARS of mental anguish, guilt, shame and other emotions before they finally feel that they can't take any more. In this suicide prevention awareness short, one young girl moves through life in foster care with burdens no one that young should have, a ticking time bomb that eventually blows.

The Dark Silence in the Moon: Ojai was adopted as a baby by a wonderful family. Even that can't stop the depression and mental illness she suffers. She struggles through, a strong soul, to overcome her issues in this mental health awareness short.

While this anthology is a work of fiction, it is all too familiar to many, including myself. These girls are me, they could be you or any number of people you may know... and each of these people who are them deserve better.

You can purchase this title only as an eBook currently. Paperback will be available at a later date:

Years of a Dream, In Silence (Amazon)

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